Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bathroom Update–Part 2

When last we met, I showed you the new paint and stained cabinets in my master bathroom.  Today, I wanted to show you the rest of the work I’ve done to get me to a point where I’m mostly happy and can wait it out until we make some more awesome improvements.  (How’s that for a ringing endorsement?) 

In my “ToDo” post, I listed several items for short-term improvements and here’s where I am currently:

  • Paint walls
  • Paint cabinets
  • Add knobs and drawer pulls
  • Fix faucets
  • Beef up trim around windows and doors
  • Trim out mirror (? – depending on how far out the long-term is)
  • Replace door with solid, 5-panel door

Plus, I’ve changed out the light fixture over the mirror, which didn’t make the list for some reason.  I still haven’t done the drawer pulls, mostly because I need 11 knobs and everything seems to come in packages of 10.  Still waiting on the window and door trim, but I think March will be the month!  I’ll tell you more about my doors in another post, that was quite the experience!  For now, I’ll tell you about my mirror, faucets, and my new light fixture…

Once the cabinets were stained, the next project was making the mirror look a little less dated, so I did what everyone else on Pinterest has done and framed it out with molding to match my new window and door trim.  The first pieces went up really quickly!  I used some mirror adhesive and my caulk gun to just stick the wood directly to the mirror.  I didn’t even worry about those little clips that hold the mirror up.  Just stuck the wood right over them.

The header piece does extend above the mirror, so I had to cut a bunch of little shims to give me something to nail the header into.  I totally fudged those and just covered both sides in my adhesive and shoved them behind the header.  Then I used my nail gun to shoot some nails in.  Here it is before I attached the fiddly bits on the header (like how I used programming books to hold up the base?).


Around this time, I left for a visit with my Dad.  He’s also working on re-doing his bathroom and had recently purchased a beautiful vanity light.  I liked his so much that he helped me procure one for myself!

As soon as I got back, I got right to work pulling down the old fixture and putting up the new one.

download (1)

Unfortunately, as you can see, the junction box for the old light wasn’t actually centered on the mirror, so it looked a bit off.  I figured this was only going to be a semi-short-term situation, so decided I’d just live with it.  Once I attached the crystals to the light, though, it was a little less acceptable: the crystals hung down so low that they practically touched the wood trim (and of course I don’t have a picture).  Once I added the decorative trim to the top, the crystals would’ve definitely look weird.

SO, I decided I’d move that junction box over two inches and up about three.  Of course, things never go smoothly when you’re DIYing.  As I cut my new hole, I realized that there was a pipe running vertically behind the wall that would get in the way of my new, deeper junction box.  Oh well, I thought, I’ll just have it be a little bit off-centered – but at least it will be high enough and mostly-centered:

download (3)

Well, not so fast!  The wires weren’t quite long enough to reach through the new junction box and get everything hooked up.  Aaggghhh!  Now I have two holes and no light!

download (4)

I consulted with an electrician friend who suggested that we just mount our shallow junction box on the wall and mount the light right over that.  Capital idea!  Except that the light base wasn’t deep enough to house all of the wires and sit flush against the wall.  After several trips to Lowe’s and much Internet perusing.  I decided to order a specialty junction box that would be shallow enough to fit right in front of that pipe AND could be used on existing construction.  I paid far more in shipping than I did for the part and had to wait a week for it to arrive, but when it did, I got right to work installing it!

Aaaannnnd, determined that I hadn’t actually needed it anyway.  When I had patched the wall from the two holes that I showed you above, I had screwed in a piece of wood to support the new drywall.  That piece of wood was exactly where I needed my junction box to be, so I just attached my old, shallow box to the new support piece, et voila!  I had a place to hang a light (and a more-expensive-than-it-needed-to-be specialty junction box)!

And now it’s up and it’s beautiful (and centered)!  Behold its glory:


It’s very pretty when it’s lit up and, when it’s sunny (which is pretty much never right now), the light comes in from the skylight and bounces off the crystals.  (You can also see that I was able to finish the decorative trim on the mirror once that light was up.)

At some point this month, I also ordered new faucets and replaced those.  They’re very pretty and I really like them, but I have a feeling they’re a bit much for this bathroom.  They really make the counter tops and sinks look their age.  I wanted to get something I liked well enough to keep for the long-term, though, so I wouldn’t have to just replace them in a few years.



So, the master bathroom is nearly “done” (for now).  I’m still going to find some drawer pulls and I’m thinking about painting the floor grout, so it’s white and not ugly tan, but those are low down on the list.  The door and window trim and baseboard will be replaced when I do that for the entire upstairs (next month!?!).  I’m quite pleased with how it looks now.  It’s much more serene and not so 23 years old.

I’ll leave you with a final before and after:


Bathroom 1 (2)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Bathroom Update – Part 1

I haven’t posted in a while.  Seems like I say that a lot on this blog, but that’s the way I roll.  I have such a love hate relationship with this blog…

I’ve been jumping all over the place painting pretty much everything and updating window and door trim when I can.  I’m dying to buy the rest of the molding to finish the doors and windows upstairs, but I’m trying to keep to a monthly house-update budget, which I’ve been blowing on other things (like, say, major car repairs) lately, so the old brown trim keeps laughing at me behind my back.
Since I’ve been doing so many different things and not finishing any one thing, I never felt like there was anything to put up on the blog, but today I figured I’d at least tell you about my master bathroom. 

As I detailed in my “ToDo” post, I wanted to do some small updates to our master bathroom to make it prettier while we planned and saved for a more major redo.  Here’s how it looked before:


What you can’t see is that there was a giant semi-patched hold on the wall between the shower and toilet that never got completely sanded or painted over. That was my first project.  At first, I was just going to leave it until we did something interesting to the bathroom, but one day, I’d just had enough, so I grabbed some mud and went to town.  (I thought I had snapped a picture of my patch job, but looks like I didn’t, so you can just imagine the beautiful job I did on that.) 

Of course, once it was patched and textured, there was a big giant white spot and no paint for covering it up.  Which meant, of course, that I had to paint the entire room.  I knew I wanted a serene bathroom with blue-green walls, so I took a look at my (not insubstantial) stash of blue-green paint.  I tried out every paint we already had from the girls’ bedrooms, our kitchen, etc., but didn’t really like any of them.  I kept seeing Sherwin Williams Sea Salt online and really liked it, so I got a tester pot.  I still wasn’t sure about it, but was tired of looking, so I just went with it and got a full gallon (and that, my friends, *IS* how I roll)

With some fresh paint, the room looked a little better…



…and then the old early-90s cabinets really started to bother me.  Just a year ago, I probably would’ve just painted them white, but I was concerned about being blinded by all white when you walked in half-asleep in the morning, so I decided to try staining them.  I used PolyShades “one-step” stain and polyurethane product in “Tudor”.  I had used something similar on my dining room table, which was a disaster, but I had read some positive reviews of the Polyshades, so figured I’d be super careful and give it a go.

I was a little concerned when I put the first coat on and could barely see it!  It just looked like it was wet…

download (8)download (10)

…but I persevered with thin coats and FOUR COATS later, I was done.  Nice and dark:


It actually looks pretty nice!  For the most part, I liked working with the PolyShades.  It did get a little harder to apply as I got into the third and fourth coat, but that may have been my own fault for not letting it dry longer (I let it dry a day in between, but perhaps it needed longer as it got thicker).

It needs some knobs and drawer pulls (and new faucets, better mirror and lighting, blahblahblah), but it’s looking better all ready!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Making Progress: New Window Trim

My last update on the girls’ rooms showed them  freshly painted and no longer sporting primary colors.  The new paint was a BIG improvement, but the skinny, 80s wood trim just wasn’t doing it for me.  I knew I wanted something more interesting and way beefier (just like I like my men – oh come on! you know you were thinking it to!).

Although I knew exactly what I wanted to do, it took me a while to actually get started.  I went to a couple of different hardware stores several times with the intention of bringing home a bunch of moulding so I could get started, but every time I went, I’d leave empty-handed and with a fresh case of sticker shock.  Is it just me, or has the price of wood really jumped up in the last few years?!

After the third or fourth trip, I finally bit the bullet and came home with everything I’d need to do the windows and doors in the girls’ rooms and got right to work.  It took me about three hours to do the first room and four to do the second because I spent, at least, an hour repeatedly unjamming my nail gun (thanks to Mr. Neighbor for helping me with one of the more heinous jams).

Several more hours of painting later and here we are, all put back together!


This is Thing 2’s room.  Both the girls chose the d├ęcor for their rooms (with some input from me – no bright pink carpet, for instance) and I think they did a pretty fabulous job!

Here’s a pretty decent shot of the detail on the window and door trim. (please ignore the missing baseboard trim – it’s coming soon!) 



The header piece is made up of 7 (!) pieces of trim. I tried assembling the whole header on the ground before putting it up but I could never wait long enough for the glue to dry, so it all fell apart when I put it up anyway. I finally decided it was just best for me to cut all the pieces and dry fit them downstairs, then take them upstairs and install them with my trusty nail gun.



(Take note of that beautiful door there!  More on that to come!)

I had to get a picture of the lazy kitty, sunning himself in what could be our last bit of sun until Spring!



Thing 1’s room also got the treatment…


I like how, even though their rooms are nearly identical and they have many of the same items in them, they arranged and decorated them differently, so they each have their own unique feel.  Thing 1 decided to make herself a reading nook:


(I like to decorate with cats whenever possible.  It makes your rooms seem so cozy, don't you think?)


I can’t even tell you how much I love these two rooms now.  There’s not much that makes me happier than seeing white trim popping against a pretty, painted wall.  I tell the girls that these rooms are now the nicest in the house.  Better get to work on my bedroom soon!


Monday, November 18, 2013

Whole Wheat Pizza and Calzones

This evening,  Thing 1 made us calzones for dinner.  As she read the recipes that I use for dough and pizza sauce, we both noticed how often I said something like, “yeah, but I don’t do it that way”.  After the third or fourth time, we decided that I needed to type up my modified versions of these recipes and put them somewhere accessible.  I told my daughter I’d put them on the blog and dedicate them to her.  So, my girl, here you go.  I look forward to many more evenings of homemade calzones and pizzas!


calzone 2

(Please don’t laugh at my pictures.  This is not a food blog for a reason.  I’ll never be able to hold dinner to set up a beautiful shot that makes your mouth water.  It’s good to know your limitations!)

Honey Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

The pizza dough recipe is from here. I didn’t actually change the ingredients, but I changed the steps, since I proof the yeast first.

1 cup warm water (~110 degrees)
1 tablespoon honey
2 1/4 teaspoon yeast
2 cups white whole wheat flour
1/4 wheat germ
1 teaspoon salt

  1. Combine the honey and yeast in the warm water to proof the yeast.  Let sit for about five minutes until yeast is foamy.
  2. Combine flour, wheat germ, and salt in the bowl of your stand mixer.
  3. When the yeast is ready, pour it in with the dry ingredients and mix in your stand mixer with the bread hook. 
  4. Mix until all ingredients are combined and the bowl is clean, then let it knead for a little bit longer.
  5. Let dough sit for about 10 minutes.


Papa John’s Pizza Sauce Recipe

Our pizza sauce recipe can be found all over the Internet and is a Papa John’s knock-off. The recipes I found, though, call for 1 can of tomato puree. Since I never, ever have tomato puree in the house, I always fake it with tomato sauce and tomato paste. Except that makes twice as much puree as I need, so I always double the recipe. Here it is, doubled for your cooking ease.

1 can (15 0z) tomato sauce
1 can (6 0z) tomato paste
1/2 cup water
2 teaspoons sugar
2 teaspoons olive oil
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon oregano
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
1/4 teaspoon basil
1/4 teaspoon thyme
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

Combine all ingredients in sauce pan, bring to a boil, then simmer for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.



It’s pizza!  Pretty straight forward…

  1. Prepare pizza dough.
  2. Prepare pizza sauce.
  3. Preheat the oven to 500 degrees.
  4. Chop up pizza toppings and grate mozzarella.
  5. Roll out dough into a pizza-ish shape on a pizza pan or cookie sheet.
  6. Pre-bake crust for 5 minutes in hot oven.
  7. Spread pizza sauce on cooked crust, then add mozzarella and your toppings.
  8. Bake pizza for another 5 minutes.
  9. Enjoy!



A friend served calzones at book group one night.  I loved them so much that I had to have the recipe!  Luckily, they’re almost as easy as pizza.

  1. Prepare pizza dough.
  2. Prepare pizza sauce.
  3. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  4. Chop up calzone fillings and grate mozzarella.
  5. Roll out dough into a large rectangle on a pizza pan or cookie sheet (I actually use half of the dough recipe and freeze the other half for next time).
  6. Spread pizza sauce, mozzarella, and your toppings down the center (length-wise) of the rectangle.
  7. Using kitchen scissors, cut slits about 1.5 inches wide down the length of both sides of the rectangle making “tabs” on each side of your fillings (I usually get about 7 on each side).
  8. Pull the tabs across the fillings to the other side at an angle, alternating tabs from each side so you’re creating a lattice-like pattern across the top of your filling.  Fold over the ends so nothing falls out the end.
  9. Bake for 20 minutes.
  10. Enjoy!

calzone 1

(Seriously, don’t make fun!  We were all starving and this was the best I could do!)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Taming the Blue

Happy Halloween. everyone!  Hope you all got lots of Trick-or-Treaters at your door, but still have plenty of candy left to hoard in that top cabinet where no one else will find it!  What?!  You know you do that too!


First order of business on the new house definitely had to be the girls’ rooms.  They were part of the upstairs that hadn’t yet been updated and I think they had clearly been painted for two young boys a looong time ago.

Thing 1’s room was a study in primary colors: red walls, yellow ceilings, and blue blinds. 



Thing 2’s room was light blue on top and bright blue on the bottom with a wallpaper border around the center of the room with, I believe, palm trees and race cars.



Plus they both had the original, 23 year old carpet! Definitely time for an update.

The very first day we were in the house, I started patching the holes in the walls.  Every single door in the upstairs (and some downstairs) had a circular hole, shaped suspiciously like a door knob, in the wall behind it.  Definitely young boys used to live here!

Three days after we moved in, I was ready to paint.  My good friend (and new neighbor) volunteered herself and her mom to be my painting buddies, so we were able to knock out both rooms in one day (after, of course, one of my helpers removed the wall paper border and the other spent several hours cleaning the walls).  I was (pleasantly) surprised that each room took only one coat of primer and one coat of paint to cover those bright walls.

We’re planning on replacing the trim around the windows/doors and baseboard, so we didn’t have to be careful about not painting that, which really helped speed up the process.


This house is 23 years old, so the floors are really getting squeeeeeky.  We had already scheduled the carpet installers to come in another week, but we decided to pull up the carpets right away to give us a chance to see what we could do about those squeaks.  Of course, this meant the girls had to live without carpet for a week, but I think the promise of super-soft carpet laid over nice quiet floors made it palatable.

My husband had done some research and found this product called Squeeeeek No More that did the job perfectly!  It’s basically special screws that you drill into your subfloor and joists, then you use a special tool to snap off the top of the screw to just a smidge under the subfloor, so nothing sticks up.  The kit also comes with a doo-hickey that stops your drill when you’ve set the screw deep enough.  You can use it on carpeted floors, as well as hardwood and laminate!

Squueeeek No Moer

They didn’t ask me to say this, but these things were AWESOME!  Completely easy to use and they did just what the package said.  Plus, they were pretty fun to use too!   I had a great time bouncing around on the floors like a ballerina finding squeaks for my husband to obliterate. 

Most of the squeaks were very easy to deal with: they just required one or two screws to tighten up the subfloor, but one of the rooms had a ridiculously tenacious squeak RIGHT AS YOU WALKED IN THE DOOR that we could not get rid of.  I’d convince myself that it didn’t matter, that we could live with it.  Then, I’d walk back into the room and SQUUEEEAAAAKKKK!  There it would go again.  We must’ve sunk, at least, 20 screws into this area.  I was just about to finally give up (because we were almost out of screws), but decided to try one, last time.  I drilled in one more screw and, lo and behold, it worked!  No more squeak!  I can’t wait to use them throughout the rest of the rooms too!


After that, we were FINALLY ready for new carpet.  When the day arrived, we moved everything out of the girls’ rooms and into the master bedroom.  I wish I had taken pictures of that because our room was packed!  The carpets went in and lickety-split, we had livable rooms for the girls!  We had decided not to get new carpet in our room, since that carpet was relatively new, but MAN are we sorry about that decision.  Now, you walk from the upstairs landing into our room and it’s a complete let-down for your feet.  That decision definitely needs to be revisited!

Anyway, I’ll give you a progress shot of the newly re-painted and re-carpeted rooms.  They’re definitely not done (most notably, the trim needs to be replaced with big, beefy casings – Oh, and new blinds are one the way!), but they’re muuuch better already.



One could even sleep in here!


Monday, October 28, 2013

What TODO, What TODO?!

In my last post we toured the new house.  In this post, we’ll walk through and make a list of what I hope to do in each room.  This house is mostly great as is, but it doesn’t really look like our home, so we’ll be making lots of changes (and using lots of paint!) to make this home feel more like us.

The Foyer


  • Paint a new (more-me) color
  • Change out the light fixture
  • Get rid of the angled corners on the doorway into the piano room and, possibly, add a transom window up above (like this)
  • Beef  up trim around doorways
  • Remove the door from the coat closet behind the front door and widen it to become a bench seat/landing station (like this)
  • Paint a fun color on the back of the door
  • Different wainscoting treatment (?)
  • Refinish wood floors in a darker color




Possibly some day, down the road, we’ll replace the cabinets and re-work the kitchen, since it’s not actually very functional the way it is, but for the foreseeable future, we’ll work on making it prettier and as functional as possible:

  • Paint the cabinets white!
  • Change out knobs and pulls
  • Paint the walls
  • Cut missing shelf for one lower cabinet, so we can actually use it!
  • Build pull out drawers for cabinets
  • Get rid of the angled corners in the doorway
  • Beef up trim around doorways
  • Refinish wood floors in a darker color




(This isn’t even my mess – mine is much, much worse!)

  • Paint walls
  • Paint shelves
  • Add baskets and containers to organize this mess!
  • Replace door with 5-panel door


Family Room/Eating Nook


  • Paint walls
  • Change out knobs
  • Beef up trim around windows and doors
  • Replace light fixture in eating nook
  • Tile over red brick (possibly just paint white in the short-term)
  • Re-build mantel to be bigger and chunkier
  • Replace carpet with hardwoods


Powder Room



  • Paint walls
  • Paint cabinet
  • Replace knobs and drawer pulls
  • Replace sink and faucet (the sink is very pretty, but it’s shallow and hard to wash your hands in!
  • Replace door with a solid, 5-panel door
  • Refinish wood floor


Dining Room


  • Paint walls
  • Beef up trim around doors and windows
  • Replace light and ADD MORE lighting!
  • Widen doorway and get rid of angled corners; possibly add transom window above (like this)
  • Possibly a different wainscoting treatment (?)
  • Replace carpet with hardwood


Piano Room


  • Paint walls
  • Beef up trim around doors and windows
  • ADD ANY lighting!
  • Replace carpet with hardwood
  • Possibly a different wainscoting treatment (?)
  • Possibly add built-in shelving (?)




  • Clean up this disaster area!
  • Figure out a desk situation! and how to also make this a guest bedroom
  • Paint
  • Beef up trim around windows and doors
  • Replace door with 5-panel door
  • Replace carpet with hardwoods


Laundry Room


  • Remove wallpaper border
  • Paint walls
  • Replace cabinets with either shelves or different cabinets
  • Build folding counter over machines
  • Replace flooring (possibly just with stick-on tiles – or maybe paint it!)
  • Build drying rack
  • Replace door with 5-panel door




  • Paint walls
  • Replace carpet with wood treads and white risers
  • Add white wainscoting to lighten up the area
  • Create gallery wall
  • Replace lighting with something bright and dramatic


Upstairs Landing (aka The Hall of Doors)

There are 6 (yes, that’s SIX) doors in this tiny landing!  It’s like something from The Ministry of Magic…or Twin Peaks!


  • Paint walls
  • Beef up trim around doors
  • Replace bedroom and bathroom doors with 5-panel doors (possibly just paint them in the short-term)
  • Remove skinny closet doors and turn them into shelves and drawers (like this)
  • Replace carpet


Girls’ Bathroom


  • Paint walls (bye bye fishies!)
  • Beef up trim
  • Paint cabinets
  • Replace countertop (in short-term, try painting it)
  • Repair broken tiles in shower
  • Re-finish bathtub
  • Replace flooring
  • Add storage


Girls’ Bedrooms


  • Paint walls
  • Paint ceilings
  • Replace carpet
  • Beef up trim around windows and doors and floor
  • Add crown molding
  • Paint closet doors (eventually add trim to mimic 5-panel doors)
  • Replace blinds


Master Bedroom


  • Paint walls
  • Replace carpet
  • Beef up trim around windows and doors and floor
  • Add crown molding
  • Replace blinds
  • Possibly build built-ins (?)


Master Bathroom


  • Paint walls
  • Paint cabinets
  • Add knobs and drawer pulls
  • Fix faucets
  • Beef up trim around windows and doors
  • Trim out mirror (? – depending on how far out the long-term is)
  • Replace door with solid, 5-panel door
  • Replace vanity with shorter one; replace counter-top and mirror
  • Replace sinks and faucets
  • Move toilet over to side of new, shorter vanity
  • Make shower bigger, tiled, and door-less
  • Replace flooring
  • Re-tile bathtub surround


Seems like we have our work cut out for us!  Best get started!  First up: the girls’ bedrooms!

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