Monday, March 22, 2010

Our Little Green Friends

As I sit at my computer, I can hear a chorus of Springtime music and I think it's wonderful.  It's frogs.  Lots and lots of little frogs.  We have a reservoir behind our house and I imagine they all congregate there at night to do a little courting.  Like the frog equivalent of Spring Break.

We find lone frogs hanging around our yard fairly regularly this time of year.  This is NOT what they look like:

Though, you do have to love a red-eyed tree frog.  This is more like our froggies:

They're so small!  It always amazes me how such a tiny creature can make such a loud noise.  And when they get together to sing, watch out!

I didn't always love the sound.  We moved into this house in April and some of our first nights in the house were spent wondering if we would go crazy with all that noise.  We thought it would happen every night...forEVER.  Turns out, they only sing in the Spring.  And now I love them because, to me, they are the first sign that Winter is over and Spring is here to stay.  So, now I say, "Sing, Frogs! Sing!"

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