Friday, February 11, 2011

How to Repair Drywall (and take as long as possible to do it)

When we last left, my husband and I were preparing ourselves for an epic drywall repair project…one week before Christmas.

Since the restoration guys cut out part of the outside wall and ceiling, the first order of business was to add some insulation.  Insulation is nasty stuff to work with.  It’s made from tiny, tiny pieces of fiber glass which will get on your skin and make you itchy and can be breathed into your lungs, so make sure you’re completely covered and that you’re wearing a mask.  Luckily, we had very little to do, so it only took a few minutes.


Next, hanging the dry wall.  This is actually pretty easy.  You just cut the pieces to size and screw them in.


The interesting piece for us was the underside of that arch.  We’d never had to bend drywall before, so off to the Internet we went.  Seems if you spray the backside of the drywall with water, wait 10 minutes, then spray it again, it will bend pretty easily.  We tried it out, and that’s just what happened!  Amazing!


Hanging the drywall went so smoothly, we decided to take a break for the day and start with mudding the next day.  Stay tuned…


  1. I never knew about the water trick. I just score the back of the drywall. I'm going to remember that one. Love the arch, it looks great!

  2. I'm back for seconds. Why can I not find your email address and why do you not have "show email" on your profile page so I can reply to your comments? Just askin'!

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  4. Brittney Davis
    This is a great guide for repairing drywall thank you so much for sharing.


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