Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Breaking Radio Silence

Tap tap.  Is this thing on?  Is anyone there?

Over a year ago, I decided that blogging just wasn’t for me.  I really didn’t feel like I had anything new to add to the blogosphere and blogging was putting too much pressure on me to keep doing more projects.  I’d walk around my house looking around for something else to do and it left me feeling dissatisfied with my home – a feeling I definitely did NOT appreciate. 

After much deliberation, I decided to quit cold turkey and for the most part, I’ve been really happy with that decision.  Every once in a while, though, a friend will tell me I need to start blogging again or I wish I could share my latest project with someone besides my family.  Especially the last few months: we’ve had major goings on here since April.   Today, I received an email from someone who had seen my blog and it made me smile.  So, I’m dipping my toe back in the water just to see how it feels. 

If you look back at my last post (in February of 2010), you’ll see that I was excitedly planning my new hardwood floors.  Well, things didn’t go quite according to plan, but after two false starts, finally this year, we got them!  Getting ready for them was quite the ordeal and we’re still working on getting all the trim and other “me-too” projects finished so I still can’t quite say we’re done, but we’re very close.

So you don’t have to go back to the last post, here’s what our front entry looked like in February, 2010:


And here’s what it looks like right now (forgive the pictures, it’s evening and this room is not well lit):


When I saw that picture for the first time, I smiled.  I’m on a mission to remove the yellow from my house and clearly, I’m succeeding!  When we moved in, it seemed the whole house had a yellow tint to it: the maple floors, the floor-to-ceiling maple kitchen cabinets, all the cabinets in the rest of the house, and then I added to it by painting several rooms yellow.  Clearly I liked it then, but not anymore.  I’m in my blue period now.

You may have also noticed that the walls in the foreground are slightly different.  That’s one of the projects we took on when we knew the floors were coming.  I’ll post more pictures soon, but here’s a sneak peek:



OK, so far so good.  I’m not sure how this will play out and whether I’ll keep this up, but at least I’ll plan on sharing what I’ve been up to for the past three months!


  1. I LOVE the new hardwood floors. So gorgeous!

  2. We are in the process of building a home and I am having a huge dilemma over the flooring. I DON'T want floors that will yellow with age, though I love the natural color of maple and hickory. But, seeing your floors, I think I could like those. Are they the maple in Brandy that you mentioned in an earlier post? Do they look clean when you clean them or do they show dust/dirt easily? I LOVE dark floors but the cleaning of them is a nightmare, I have heard. Thanks for any help!

  3. Hi Chantelle,
    I guess I should have mentioned that our floors are hickory with a walnut color finish. I chose them because I wanted something dark but not too dark and not too red.

    As for keeping them clean, so far they’ve been really great! They do show dust slightly more, but not so much that I notice. And to handle that, my mom got me an awesome dust mop that sweeps the entire first floor in about five minutes. The best part, though, is that they don’t show spills and the like (especially in the kitchen) compared to my light hardwoods, so I’m not feeling like I need to mop all the time. I would definitely say it has NOT been a nightmare.

  4. SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU BLOGGING AGAIN! Yes, I'm yelling. I don't know which is prettier, seeing your new floors in person or on the computer. Love. I can't wait until you post more pictures because the kitchen and family rooms are my favorite rooms with the new floors.


  5. This is a great change! I love the blue, it seems so refreshing and airy. I'm trying to rid my house of "gold", which kind of looks like dull wheat to me. I'll get room at a time! I'm coming over from CSI and I'm enjoying blogging right now, but I can see what you're saying about trying to find projects to do. I have a list, but it does have an end right now.

  6. Your floors look wonderful!! Did you put down all new floors or have the old ones redone?


  7. Thanks, Judy.

    They're all new floors. The original flooring only went through the front hall and kitchen. We tore it out and had the same floor put in our entire downstairs. Love it!


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