Friday, July 16, 2010

Farewell Old Friend


This is the sight that greeted me when I walked in the door tonight.  Our poor, faithful vacuum cleaner has finally succumbed to whatever was ailing it and has gone kaput.  (Notice how it didn’t even have the decency to wait to die until AFTER the carpet was clean?)

Actually, that makes it sound like I had some sort of relationship with this thing.  In reality, I’ve probably used it fewer than 20 times in the 15 years that we owned it.  I hate to vacuum and my husband is allergic to grass, so when we got married we agreed that I would mow the lawn and he would vacuum.  Works nicely.

Still, I do enjoy having semi-clean carpets, so I’m going to miss this thing.  It started its death throes last weekend when the belt broke.  My husband found a local vacuum cleaner repair shop that had actually heard of this make of vacuum and went today to buy a new belt.

$3 later he had a new belt in hand and was ready to make our vacuum cleaner work like new.  Apparently, though, the machine had other ideas…not two minutes after the new belt was installed, it started making some scary noises and awful smells.  When Hubby opened it back up to see what was wrong, the new belt was broken! 

Clearly, the vacuum is trying to tell us it’s done and it’s time for us to listen.


As I’m typing this up, my better half is sitting next to me researching new vacuums.  This last vacuum was a gift and it lasted us 15 years, so we have never actually purchased a *real* vacuum cleaner.  Those things are expensive!  I am not pleased.  How am I going to buy new fabric and doo-dads if the appliances keep breaking?!

Anyway, as the ole ball and chain was telling me about all the decisions we have to make (canister or upright, bag-less or bag-ful, paper or plastic), I decided that I’m going to appeal to blog-land and ask for your recommendations.

So, tell me: which is the best vacuum cleaner out there?


  1. I have always loved Kirbys. I've tried others, but always went back to Kirby. Mind you, the only one I bought "new" was the first one. Apparently there are a lot of people out there who find after they have their Kirby for awhile, that don't want to be pushing a heavy vacuum around, so I have found them at auctions for less than $75. This is huge, because "new" they cost over $1000. I have even gotten some junkers on Ebay to use for parts.

  2. Last year I went on the vacuum hunt and was torn between the Dyson and the Electrolux. I went with the Electrolux and couldn't be happier. It's bagless. It has it's own wand that extends (no need for separate canister). AND it sucks the life out of the carpets...amazes me what I suck up. I purchased mine at Lowe's, but they also sell them at BJs, online and other dept. stores.


  4. The Dyson Animal is great but expensive. I had one for a few years and decided to sell it and get a Bissell. It's a great vaacuum!

    By the way, LOVE your new throw pillows!



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