Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pillow Talk


I finally got my act together and made me some pillows and I am lovin’ them!  Now I’m bummed it took me so long.

You may remember that I was so excited to have finally found some inspiration for my family room, but then I freaked out and started questioning my choices.

I actually did end up cancelling the order for the ottoman fabric and decided to go with a wood coffee table (which I got off of Craigslist and never shared), but I still had the fabric for pillows and window treatments just sitting in a box – taunting me.

A few weeks ago, I took some time to make the window hangings.  They’re not really curtains because:

1) It’s pretty dark in that room and I didn’t want anything even remotely covering the windows


b) That fabric was $22 a yard and I didn’t want to buy anymore than the absolute minimum!

You can definitely tell that there’s not enough fabric there for it to be a real curtain, but I was really pleased with how they turned out.  They add a great pop of color to an very bland corner.  And they actually match very nicely with a painting I have from my Great Aunt.


I decided to go the no-sew route and used Stitch Witchery to make them and let me just say that it would have been waaaay faster to just grab my sewing machine and sew the four lines on each curtain.  Seriously.  Even if you don’t think you can sew, standing there holding the iron over each 8 inch length (the length of my iron) for 15 seconds takes for.ever!  Plus, it pulled up a bit when I put the rod in.


After the “curtains”, I ran out of steam and went on vacation, so nothing got done until this past week.  First I made the green pillows, then my husband went out with some friends last night and I had two hours all to my very lonesome.  I used it to make pillows!


I’m just so happy with how it looks now (at least in that corner)! The rest of the room makes me feel schizophrenic, so I’ll just keep coming back and looking at these pictures.

I need to find, at least, one more fabric too.  I think I actually want to put the patterned green pillows and one of the raspberry ones on my other couch and I want to put two solid green pillows on this couch.  Right now, there’s a little too much pink.  I want the room to be mostly greens (and blues?) with a pop of pink – not pink and green.  But, just to be this far is so motivating! 



Still To Do:

  • Find more fabric for pillows
  • Make said pillows
  • Modify slip cover so cushion covers aren’t too big
  • Find pretty, tall dresser for corner
  • Make slip cover for brown couch (if only I had a blogger friend who lived close by and owned a sewing machine…)
  • Stain coffee table top darker (or paint?)
  • Finish picture wall (may require painting frames again)
  • Re-tile fire place
  • Rip up carpet and put in hardwoods (dream…dream)



  1. oooh they look so pretty and add so much happy color!

  2. Your pillows turned out great, I'm sure you are proud!

  3. That looks so great! They really brighten things up!

  4. beautiful, I love them. I'm inspired to get mine done.

  5. Love this! They look so fresh and bright.…very summery!

  6. I used the stitch witchery for the first time this weekend to make a really, really long table runner. I agree it took forever. But since I can't sew, I can't complain. I had no other options. Drapes up next! You can see mine here:


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