Friday, May 28, 2010


I am so excited that I’m practically bouncing in my seat!  I finally (finally!) have some inspiration for how I want to finish my family room.
I talked about it a bit when I showed you my TV-cubby-turned-bookshelf, but that’s the last thing we did with it and it’s been sitting there – a hodge-podge of furniture and colors - for months.  And it’s been driving me crazy!
The problem was, I had no inspiration, so I had very little idea what colors I wanted to use.  And every time I actually thought I was on to something, I’d waffle and think of something else. 
Here’s a picture of the room as it currently stands (with its 437 different colors):
The biggest problem for me is that I have two different colored couches (one light and one dark).  I could NOT figure out how to tie them together!
The couch on the right is actually slip-covered right now.  It began life in a beautiful, very light green, dry-clean only fabric.  Suffice it to say, it’s not doing well with our 2 kids and 4 cats.  The day that Thing 2 threw up all over it was the day that I ordered the slipcover from Stretch and Cover.  Unfortunately, it makes the room even more bland.
I finally admitted I needed help this past Monday and I headed over to Calico Corners for some help with fabric selection.  Almost immediately, I fell in love with this Annie Selke fabric:
Annie Selke Shalini
I knew I definitely wanted to do a pillow out of this.  We were trying to figure out what to use for the ottoman that we’ll be making, when the woman helping me suggested we go check out a vignette they had set up.  I turned the corner and saw this:
Calico Corners Inspiration 1
I nearly died when I saw that ottoman!  “I want THAT!”  Unfortunately, the avocado velvet has been discontinued.  But the nice lady told me that they might be able to sell me the floor model for $850 or so!  For an ottoman?! Ack! 
We put my favorite fabric up on the couch with the other pillows and it looked just gorgeous.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any other options for the ottoman.  Once I’d seen that fabric, it was all I wanted.
I checked out the fabrics, brought them home, hemmed and hawed, went back today and found another green velvet-y fabric that I like almost as much and came back home to hem and haw.  And I’m IN LOVE!  And so stinkin’ excited! 
Since I can’t do anything right now, I thought I’d try out Polyvore and see if I could come up with a sample of what I’m going for et voila!

Light Couch and Pillows

The dark green square in the foreground will be the ottoman and the swirly green square at the right is a possibility for the curtains.  (Actually, I found some sheets at Bed, Bath and Beyond that are very similar and I think I might use those instead.)

And here’s an idea for the brown couch:

Brown Couch and Pillows 
We’ll make the ottoman and it will be the same style as the one I saw at Calico Corners (without the $1,100 price tag).  Here’s a close-up of my new love:

Calico Corners Inspiration 3

While I was at Bed, Bath and Beyond, I found some really cool pillows that I want to copy.  I couldn’t find them online, but I did take some pix with my phone:

BBandB Ribbon Pillow

BBandB Flower Pillow BBandB Pattern Pillow
I am just giddy and I can’t wait to order my fabrics and actually get to work.  Do you think Calico Corners is open right now?


  1. I like your style. That ottoman is exactly my style, color and all. I think you have a great plan for your living room. I am loving those pillows from Bed, Bath, And Beyond. We have those stores here, but I never go. Maybe I should check it out sometime! When are you getting started?

  2. Well, I want to get started RIGHT NOW, but I'm guessing all the fabric is not actually in stock and will need to be ordered. Hopefully that will happen today.

    Not sure when the ottoman can get built. Maybe I can get my husband to start that next weekend while I'm away?

  3. Dear Diane,
    Draperies made out of SCRAMBLE by Annie Selke Home at Calico Corners will look great! I've seen them made up and it's a perfect print for window treatments. However, please, please DO NOT buy sheets for draperies! They will always look like sheets, hang like sheets and you'll be disappointed.

    Calico has frequent sales--and there's a sale on window treatments coming up in July (both fabric and labor). You can also spread out the expense by buying the fabric one month and then bringing it back to the store later to have the custom labor started. You don't have to do everything simultaneously.

    There's just no comparison to the quality of a custom window treatment, made to fit your windows perfectly. And if you want to learn more, here's a link to some YouTube videos on window treatments made by Julie Morris, manager of custom labor at Calico Corners:

    Part 1, Ready-Made vs Custom-Made Draperies - Pricing
    Did you know that there are many ready-made draperies—from top retail and catalog sources—that are much more expensive than custom window treatments from Calico?

    Part 2, Ready-Made Draperies vs Custom-Made Draperies - Quality
    Do you know what sets apart a custom drapery and why?

    Happy decorating!


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