Thursday, May 13, 2010

Here Comes Spring!

OK, I know Spring technically arrived a while ago, but here in the Northwest, it’s been pretty grey.  I can’t complain too much since we had such a mild winter and an absolutely beautiful February, but I’ve really not wanted to get outside lately.

A few weeks ago, on the way home from preschool, the little girls (one mine, one a friends) and I decided to take a field trip to Flower World!  Seriously, that’s what it’s called.  It’s gigantic, plus they have geese and chickens roaming the grounds.  How can you beat that?
We had a great time roaming the aisles of flowers.  Well, I roamed, the girls had a great time being pushed around on the cart.  When we got home, it was time to plant!

(First a little digression: when we moved into our house, the front walkway was beautifully landscaped with boxwoods, large grasses, and a nice ball juniper.  It was really nice, but all the pruning was driving me crazy and it really wasn’t my style.  So, last year we put everything on Craigslist and had it all torn out.  Of course, I didn’t have a plan for what would happen after that, so it’s a bit of a hodge-podge at this point.  I really need to learn how to plan my projects…)

Here’s what the side of our walkway looked like before the influx of plants:

Not bad, just boring.  My little helpers and I were planning to fix that.  We placed everything where we thought it should go…
and then got to work:
Gotta start them early:

Unfortunately, it didn’t occur to me that my after pictures would not immediately look 100% better.  I seemed to have forgotten that gardening does not always provide instant gratification.
Here’s the border after moving several existing plants and adding a bunch more:
DSC_1371 DSC_1383
*Sigh*  Bring on the sun!

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