Thursday, May 20, 2010

Play Room and Day Bed Reveal


They’re done!  The day bed and the play room are (mostly) done! 

I actually used the comforter from my bed and the pillows from my girls’ beds, so the bedrooms look a bit of a mess, but hey, maybe I’ll decide to keep it this way and get a new comforter for MY room!

Let me give you a tour.  You’ve seen the day bed, but here it is again.  Doesn’t it look nice?


Mr. Harry sure thinks so… DSC_1725

I also grabbed the curtains from the girls’ room and the little boxes that used to hang in my kitchen.  Those boxes were definitely a Eureka! moment.  I was driving down the road, chewing on what I could put there when I realized that the boxes were sitting in the garage doing nothing, but if I were to hang them in the play room, I would have a great little place to put all the girls’ 3-dimensional art work and doo-dads!


And, speaking of art work!  I finished the art wall.  Generally, Thing 1 produces reams of art work each day, but I actually had to harangue her a bit to actually get the wall filled in (and you can see there are actually still two frames empty).


DSC_1732   DSC_1713 

Usually, when I hang frames, I just eyeball it and move them around until I like where they end up.  Which leaves a lot of holes in the wall.  This time, I actually did the responsible, mature thing and created templates and taped them to the wall.  This turned out to be a really smart thing to do because my original plan turned out to require drastic re-working. 

I’ve seen a few bloggers do the template thing, but I might just post on it myself because I ran into a few gotchas that might be good to share.

In addition to the art work, I put up baby pictures of each of us.  Aren’t we cute? DSC_1729DSC_1730

You may have noticed that you’ve only really seen one side of the room.  The left wall has a white board and a chalk board.  I still have some things I want to do with that, so that’s not going to be shared yet.

The wall opposite the bed holds this:     DSC_1719 Notice that the door doesn’t shut all the way?  That’s because it looks like this on the inside:

DSC_1720Actually, it was even worse on the inside.  I had to remove a bunch of stuff to even be able to open the doors.  I think that’s going to be next week’s project.  Should be fun!

But that’s messy.  Let’s finish with something nicer…


Ahhh…ready for my sister’s visit.

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  1. The room looks great. I love the daybed and your art wall is fantastic. I would like to make one someday so would love to hear the dos and don'ts.

  2. Hi Diane,

    Can you come over and do my girl's room now?!

    I would love to feature your art display on "5 Great Finds" next week. Would I be able to include a photo of the art wall to go with the link back to this post?

    I LOVE the name of your blog (I'm so with you on that one!) And the photo of you and your girls is so lovely!

    Hope to come back and visit your blog again soon!

  3. WONDERFUL! I actually found you while looking at other linkys, but if you linked to mine then in the next little while I am definitely going to feature this beautiful room! GOOD JOB!

  4. lovely! so light, airy, cheerful and organized - a GREAT job in a space that everyone in your family will enjoy and appreciate!

  5. Hello sweet Diane - I'm a new follower of your blog via The Inspired Room! I love your room makeover. It turned out adorable! So colorful and happy. Great job!


  6. Wow!!! I'm sooo amazed! Will you please come do my kids' room next;) Way to go!!

  7. Well done with great colors, too. Jane

  8. Diane,

    I think I'd start with my living room! Or maybe my bedroom. What about you?

    I just gave you an award on my blog!

  9. I love this little girls room! It's absolutely darling but seems totally functional and all about the little girls who live there, just the way it should be! I also am loving that day bed! It's all so pretty

  10. Hi. Love the room! I included it in my Sunday blog roundup:

  11. This daybed is a great idea! My daughter has been asking to upgrade her toddler bed to a "big girl bed," and I love the extra storage here.

    I am also partial to tabbies. Does Mr. Harry have a girlfriend? Does he want one?

  12. I love that day bed/storage idea!! I'm jealous that you were able to make suck an attractive frame colloage, too!

  13. SO CUTE! I love the artwork wall! The whole room has such a fresh fun vibe!

  14. I love the tags you used on the totes! Did you make them?! Is it something you could share?! Very cute and functional room...way to go.

  15. @Natalie:
    I did make the tags! They were really simple. I just searched the Internet for images that I thought went with the contents of each bin, then copied them into Word and typed the description. Printed and cut them out and then covered them in contact paper to make them stronger.

    I actually velcro’d each tag to the bins because I didn’t want them to twirl around like they would if they were just tied with the ribbon. So, the ribbon is purely decorational.

  16. Stopping over from remodelaholic. LOVE the playroom updates! It's so refreshing to see some nice blues even though it's for little girls. The artwork wall is a great idea too; it will keep changing with their artistic talents! Great work; thanks for sharing!

  17. Did you make the frame of the daybed? Room is great - bright and functional.

  18. Yes, we did make the daybed frame. You can see some of our building process here:


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