Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fabric Freaks Me Out

I’m freakin’ out just a little bit because I finally had time to order the fabric for my family room!  I’m so excited that it will be here soon and I can finally make the room look a bit more…friendly.  But I can’t figure out why I picked the fabrics I picked.

Lately the rooms I love feature seaglass colors: blues and greens like Kate at Centsational Girl posted about today.  I just love the Candace Olsen Office:

And this dining room:


And this blue living room (my file says this is from House To Home, but I don’t know the URL):

blue-living-room4 from house to home 
And I really love this bedroom Kate did for her daughter:


And these laundry rooms:


(The Centsational Girl again.  Clearly I just need to move into her house…)

laundryroomafter Censational Girl

And have you SEEN all the turquoise I’ve been using lately:  Here and here and here?

So, can someone please explain to my why, when I went to the fabric store, I chose these:

Light Couch and Pillows  Brown Couch and Pillows

Don’t get me wrong.  I still love these fabrics, but now that I’ve ordered them, I’m concerned that they just won’t “stick” for me and that it won’t go with the rest of my house.  You know?

The thing I need to remember is that this is just pillows, curtains, and my ottoman – the things that are easy to change with the seasons.  Perhaps this is just my summer look…


  1. Yep, you can always change them. And the colors can easily have a pop of turquoise thrown in if you get a little crazy like that. I was always a green gal, but am gravitating to blues.

  2. Love that color palette too. I'm ready for some change to brighten things up.

  3. I love the colors you have in those photos. The blue is so pretty. I have a dilemma with fabric too .. mine is that I cant make up my mind. I walk into the fabric store and go into an instant state of overwhelmed craziness. Then I purchase stuff that I take home and dont even like. I actually have a bag in my trunk right now of fabric I need to return!

  4. @Shannon - basically my problem too. I'm sitting here wondering if I should try to cancel the one order that hasn't shipped yet. I hate feeling so wishy-washy! Completely unlike me normally.


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