Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Setting the Bar High

I’ve been away from the computer for the last two weeks; getting ready for camping and hanging with visiting family.  My family is still here, but I just wanted to pop in to say THANK YOU to all of you who’ve left such sweet comments about our coffee table planter

The response to this particular project has just floored me!  It’s been featured on several different blogs, including The Shabby Nest and Blue Cricket Design.  I even made the Top 10 at The CSI Project!  Now I fear I’ll never be able to top that and perhaps I should just stop blogging now!

Well, I do need to continue posting because I’ve joined a project called Mommy’s Piggy Tales where I’ll be writing about my childhood for ten weeks.  Tomorrow’s assignment is to write about our birth and how we got our name.  I’m excited to write that post because those two events are stories that I hear all the time.  At least this week will be easy!

So, thanks again to you all and see you tomorrow!

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