Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sprucing up the Garage - Painting the Door

As I posted yesterday, I spent Saturday morning cleaning out my garage and Sunday painting my garage door.  I thought I’d post today about how I did it.  This was actually one of the easiest projects I’ve ever undertaken (once the incredibly heavy door was taken down), so if you’ve ever really wanted to paint a door, but were too nervous to do it, read on:

First, we had to get down the door.  This is an exterior door, so it is solid and HEAVY.  Once we got it down, I behaved like a big girl and taped up the sides and the handle and deadbolt.  I used a plastic baggy over the handle and then just taped it down. 

(One note, the tape I used didn’t cover the entire width of the sides.  I forgot about that and wasn’t careful, so I got a bit of overspray on the sides.  It’s not bothering me much, but you should either use wider tape or be more careful than I was.)

Then I sanded the door to rough it up and get any major junk off.

It’s good if you can get some help…
Once the sanding was complete, I wiped the whole door down and went to work with my spray paint.  I used Valspar Mediterranean blue.

Since I figured any drips would really drive me nuts as I walked through the door every day, I made sure to put on several light coats.

(I did find that I started having issues with my first can of paint covering at all.  I think the nozzle was probably clogged a bit because the can still had plenty in it.  I switched to the other can and the paint came out in nice even coats once again.)

When I pulled the tape off the door handle, I realized that the tape had covered part of the door and that I had a white spot under the handle.  To fix that, I just sprayed some paint into a paper plate and touched it up with a small craft paint brush.

Since I was on a painting roll, I also pulled down the hand rail, gave it a light sanding…

And then just ONE coat of Rustoleum’s Ultracover 2x Spray paint.  That stuff covers amazingly well!

Once the door was dry, I had my husband and his friend put the door back up (good job guys!) and here’s how it looks now!

I’ve walked through it about 20 times so far and I smile at it every time!

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  1. sure beats boring white like mine is...and dirty. Maybe a bright door is in my future :)

  2. I love the color! Very fun to come home too.

  3. Thanks for helping us have a great Tuesday at Anything Related! ~Bridgette

  4. That looks great! How nice to walk in the door with that color in front of you :)

  5. The blog looks so beautiful, you did an amazing job with the paint job! I'm loving the crafty DIY spirit here and your home is lovely. I'm a new blog follower now. Please continue to inspire!

  6. I smiled when I stopped by today too.

  7. What a wonderful idea...the color is beautiful and makes one smile...great job!!!

  8. Now THAT is a happy color to come home to! LOVE it! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I have never seen anyone use spray paint on a door before, it looks great!

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog....your door looks great...what a change...I also love beach glass colors

  11. What a great idea to liven up the garage and welcome you as you come home! Thanks so much for linking up to Be Inspired this week!


  12. I love it!!! I totally want to do that to my garage door now.

  13. What a nice "WELCOME HOME"...luv the color you used! Thanks for coming to my PARTY:)


  14. that's so much fun!
    I'd paint my garage door that color, but I'm pretty sure my hubby's veto it!


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