Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where Do You Blog?

Centsational Girl is having a “Where Do You Blog?” Linky party.  When I first saw this party, I knew there was no way I would be sharing MY blogging location.  Our office is an awful mess and it’s only redeeming value is that it has a door to it that I can close if I can’t stand to see it anymore.

As I looked at all the pictures of all the beautiful blogging spaces, though, I knew I had to post just to give a voice to all of us who have awful, messy offices (please, please, tell me I’m not the only one!).  Maybe I’ll start a self-help group - Messy Office Anonymous (MOA) – where we can all get together and realize that it’s OK to have a messy office (or at least to find pictures of other offices that are even WORSE than ours). 

Hi, my name is Diane and I have a messy office:


I think I actually wrote a blog post about cleaning it up one day.  I swore I would keep it clean, but apparently the filing system is just not working because the papers have returned with a vengeance and filled up every available space.


I also hate all the furniture in it.  I have plans to redo the space at some point, but there are other more pressing matters.  Like finishing the stairway where I ripped up all the carpet or finding the perfect fabric for pillows in my family room or re-painting the gigantic walls in my family room, dining room, and entry way or my bedroom or…well…you get the idea.  It’s low down on the list and the fact that I can’t even seem to keep it slightly clean makes me not want to bother with it at all!

So, for now, here (in all it’s glory) is where I blog:


I’m so proud.  


  1. Girl, bravo for keeping it real, my desktop often suffers from the same pile of paperwork ! Thanks for linking up, and standing up for the real life messes out there!

    PS I still adore that planter table !!!

  2. I have to tell you, the messier my space is, means I've got a lot going on--filling a big order, in the midst of a new project, you get the idea. Maybe you're just extremely creative...Your thumbnail caught my eye before all the others and it's the first I've visited!

  3. It was like looking at my own computer swallowed by papers... It is great to see someone posting a true picture of there wonderfully chaotic office.

  4. I have a laptop, so I blog from wherever I take my laptop. Mostly it is on the kitchen counter but I also take it in the living room.

  5. I heart you! My home office (breakfast bar) looks painfully familiar. :)

  6. Like Susan wrote above, your blog was the first I visited because I can relate. So many other things are more pressing than my own space, so I put it off. But I plan to change that so I actually enjoy my own space and therefore want to spend time there.

    Thanks for sharing your messy space for the rest of us messies!

  7. I posted my desk on the same blog party, and trust me, you aren't the only one with a messy office! I keep saying that I'll clean it "someday" but that day never comes. I might shuffle things around, but clean? Yeah, right.


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