Friday, September 3, 2010

Mommy’s Piggy Tales – 11th Grade

I’m participating in a project called Mommy’s Piggy Tales where I’ll be writing stories about my childhood once a week for 15 weeks, starting with birth and ending with graduation in the hopes that my children, and possibly my children’s children, will one day appreciate it.


It’s really difficult to remember what happened which year, high school sort of seems like one big blur.  I’m pretty sure, though, that 11th grade was the year that our school drama department put on Oklahoma! and I got to play in the orchestra.

I’d never seen Oklahoma!, so after we learned we were going to be playing the flute parts in the orchestra, my best friend and I rented it and I fell in love with musicals (and Curly)!  After that, I watched musical after musical – especially those by Rodgers and Hammerstein and Lerner and Loewe.

Musicals aren’t the only thing I loved that year.  As we practiced for Oklahoma! and sat in on rehearsals I decided that the boy who played Curly was really quite cute and my little heart trilled whenever he sang “Oh What a Beautiful Morning” or “Surrey with the Fringe on Top”.  Sure, I already had a boy friend, but hey, a girl can dream right?  There’s just something about the idea of a boy singing love songs to you that makes me smile.

We played several shows and I loved every one of them.  It was so exciting being a part of something like that and it was an experience I’ll never forget (and I’ll always have a soft place in my heart for Curly).


  1. Alot of us in group 2 were in musicals that year! CRAZY! I think one of the best things about high is dreaming about what could be that will never be!

  2. Oklahoma is one of my favorite musicals! I never had the chance to be it in, though...I just sang the songs in choir. How fun that you were part of the orchestra that year!


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