Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chores Board


There’ve been a ton of home-made chalkboards around the blogosphere.  Seems everyone’s doing it, so I thought I’d add my own project to the mix.  (I think it may be the only other project, besides my stairs, that I’ve done this summer!)

I actually started this project around Father’s Day when we made the photographer’s chalkboard thought bubble for my husband.  While we were cutting that out of the shower board, I cut a large rectangle out too, thinking I could use a bigger chalkboard for something.  We painted it with the chalkboard paint and then it sat in the garage for a couple of months.  


At some point during the summer, I found a large frame at Goodwill.  I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, but I painted it white.  Just because.

It wasn’t until just before school started, and there were so many things to keep track of, that I thought of putting the two together!  Of course, the chalkboard wasn’t the correct size for the frame, so I had to wait until we pulled out the table saw for the stair project to cut it down.

Finally, everything came together and we have a great little place to track daily chores (for the girls that is – my daily chores would be a much longer list!).


We used the chalk pens to write the “permanent” parts (that chalk ink/paint really does NOT come off easily once it’s had time to set, so it is perfect for when you want something to be semi-permanent).  Each day, the girls clean the board, then keep track of which chores they’ve done during the day.


I hung it low in the kitchen, so they can reach it easily.  So far, they think it’s fun and are happy to get things done just so they can mark them off (just like their mother).  Hopefully their eagerness will last past September!


  1. This is a great idea! Do you have any tips for getting your kids to actually DO the chores as well? :)

  2. Great idea!
    I love it on the side of the cabinet!!

  3. Great idea!



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