Sunday, December 12, 2010

Coffee Cozy from Goodwill Sweater

A few weeks ago, I was sitting at home, feeling sorry for myself (thankfully, I can’t even remember why now).  I was surfing the Web, trying to find something that would make me smile when I came across a new blog: A Little Junk in My Trunk.  This blog is awesome for so many reasons, but what really got me jumping up and running out the door to Goodwill on that day was this coffee cozy made from a Goodwill sweater.

So, with one of these in hand:


and a few of these:


and one of these:


I got to work and produced this:


Not so much to look at, until you pair it with one of these (found for 25% off at Fred Meyer!):


And you get this:


How cute is that?  I’m thinking Christmas presents here!

Dee has full instructions here, if you want to make one yourself!


  1. that's very cute! I know I would love it as a Christmas gift! I should make some :D

  2. What a cute idea! I'm liking the concept that, even if I look like crap in the mornings, my coffee will be stylishly attired!

  3. one of my friends got a mug in a "sweater. i loved it so much that i thought about asking my mom to knit for my mugs... but i didn't even think it could be much simpler!!


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