Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Possession – Part 2

A few days ago, I shared with you how my kids had suddenly become possessed by little beings that loved to purge and clean.  This was a little bit scary for me – I mean, what if they became dangerous? – but I made the best of it and got a clean play room for my troubles.

I decided to press my luck and suggest making some changes to their bedroom.  These new little creatures whole-heartedly agreed, so we moved our party upstairs.

Here was their room before:



Again, I had given up while we waited for the backhoe.  (Actually, we had already started cleaning when that last picture was taken, so the floor is fairly clean and one of the dressers is missing.)

The girls share a room and they each had their own dresser.  One dresser was in the closet, the other was in the corner to the left of the window in the picture above.  High on my successes in the play room, I convinced the girls that it was a great idea to share the dresser in the closet (supplemented by a couple of bins).  This (and the fact that we had just removed a bin full of stuffed animals and moved them all to the play room) would give us more room to rearrange their furniture.  They thought this was a fantastic idea.  In fact, I thought they might hyperventilate!

I didn’t tell them how I was going to rearrange the beds, so they were flitting around excitedly the whole time.  The room is so small and crowded, that I had to rotate the beds a few inches at a time: move the bed, move the shelves, move the other bed, etc.  Eventually, the room ended up looking like this:


(Can you tell I have budding artists in my house?  The walls are covered in art work!)

So. Much. Better.  I knew we had done good when, a few hours later, I was heading into the girls’ room to put something in the closet.  Usually that’s a nightmare because the beds were so close to the doors and there was always stuff on the floor in front of them.  I felt my blood pressure rise in anticipation, but suddenly, I remembered: the room was clean and spacious now!  And, just like that, all the tension left me.  Now THAT’s what organizing is supposed to do for you!

When I asked the girls if they liked their new room, this is what they said:



  1. I love the happy dance! I'd so be doing one myself.

    And can you send whatever spirit is possessing your kids down my way? Pretty please?

  2. Oh how cute is that? The room looks wonderful.

  3. So cute! And it was even clean when I visited it in person!



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