Saturday, April 17, 2010

How to Spend a Saturday - 4/17/2010

This will be the second time I've written about how I spent my Saturday.  My husband reminds me regularly that two events do not a trend make, but what does he know?  I'm thinking How to Spend a Saturday should become a regular event (mostly because it guarantees I'll have at least one post a week).  And how else do you celebrate the start of something new?  Fireworks of course!

OK.  Well, anyway, here's how my Saturday has progressed, so far: 

  • Sleep in until 8:00 (!) because everyone was tired from getting home at 11:30 last night after seeing the Mariners game.

  • Lose a few hours to who knows what, but finally get dressed by 10:00 (or so).

  • Marshall the troops to start cleaning the house (or at least the public rooms) because we're having 22 people over at 2:00 to celebrate, yet again, Thing 1's 9th birthday.

  • By noon, the cleaning is mostly done, but we have no food to serve and potentially no cake mixes.  Make grocery list for hubby to be done ASAP.  Find cake mix box in the cupboard.  Phew!  Get cake in the oven.

  • Noon-thirty, my mom arrives.  Hang out with her for a bit, watch girls try on the new outfits she bought and play with the totally fun new toys she brought for all of us.

(If you've never played with Flying Monkeys, you are totally missing out!)

  • Finally start making red and white frosting for the cute, yet completely dorky, cake my daughter has requested (you'll want to stay tuned for the pictures).

  • By 1:00, husband is home with more cake mix and veggies.  Make a batch of cupcakes because one 9" round cake will not divide into 22.  Get everyone involved in helping out and actually make good time.

  • It's 1:40 and people are arriving at 2:00.  That must mean it's time to start frosting a dozen or so cupcakes!

  • At 2:00, the first guests arrive.  Adults chat, kids play (loudly).  A good time is had by all.

  • 3:00 must mean it's time for presents and cake!  Hurray!
Yes, yes that IS a Pokeball cake for my daughter.  This is also over a dozen Pokecupcakes for my daughter:
The child is surrounded by adult geeks.  Is it any wonder that she's Pokemon crazed? 
OK, back to the day:
  • By 4:15, the guests are gone and we're cleaning up.  Seems like I've done hardly anything today, but I'm dragging now.  Must get dishes done.
  • 4:45: hubby and I try to get a cool picture of monkeys flying through the air, but eventually decide to steal download a picture from the Interwebs.
  • 5:00: Listen to the kids playing Pet Sportz on their new Wii (that they bought with their own money!) while I sit at the computer and try to come up with some (any!) idea for a blog post.
  • 5:45: Finish and publish blog post and wonder who the heck is making dinner tonight?
What about you, what did you do on Saturday?


  1. Happy Birthday to your 9 year old! I think your How to spend a Saturday is a great weekly post, and i enjoyed reading yours.
    Thanks for stopping over and getting in on my give-away! Glad you found me!

  2. You are definitely brave to have 22 kids over for a party - yikes! Happy birthday to your daughter.

  3. Love the cake! My nephew pitches for the MiLB of the to go to spring training with the big boys...maybe someday you'll be watching him at the game!

  4. -stay in bed until 8:45 (unheard of for me) because of stupid sinus infection

    -hustle to make it to church (yep even though it's Saturday) by 10:10

    -pray, try to distract 5 year old, and enjoy niece's first communion

    -eat lunch with family

    -feel horrible and go home

    -back to party for more family time

    -feel sad to miss Thing 1's bday, but bringing present on Monday


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