Friday, April 2, 2010

My Blue Heaven - Kitchen Part Tres

So, now you've seen the before and during of my kitchen redesign.  Now let's finish it up!

The hardest parts were done: the cabinets and walls had been painted and the new countertop was in.  Now all we needed was to tile the backsplash and get some decorations up.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures during tiling, but I do have tons of afters, so let's just move right along.  Here's my kitchen now:

Notice the awesome new Pottery Barn pendant lights that I found for about half the price on eBay!

And our wonderful not-Pottery Barn bar stools from Target!

The framed black and white pictures you see on the left were taken by my husband on a photo walk through the Fremont neighborhood.  I love having such special pictures being displayed so prominantly.

I'm still trolling craigslist for a round pedestal dining table and I need to figure out a better light, but the breakfast nook is coming along.

I don't have a better picture of the quote above the window, but it says, "To get the full measure of joy, you must have someone to divide it with."  It's a quote from Mark Twain that we had on our wedding program.  I surprised my husband with it one night.  Of course, the first thing he said (OK, well maybe the second) was, "You used a level!"  Ahem.  What is he saying?

The little chalkboard plates are the latest addition and I'm thinking they're pretty darned cute!

I can't even say how much I love this kitchen.  It's been six months since we put in the countertop and I still stop to enjoy it every. single. day.

Let's see the before and after one more time, just because I so love to.
Before (yeesh!):

After (ahhhh):


I'm belatedly adding this to:

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  1. What an awesome transformation!~ You must love to be in your kitchen now...for the kitchen is the heart of the home, and now you can truly say that!~ Found your blog from Becca and now a follower:)

  2. Your kitchen is quite lovely. We have just purchased a home that we will be moving into mid-June. Your newly finished kitchen is very, very similar to the one in our new home. However, we do not have the glass front on the cabinet or the nice counter tops(our's is blue/gray corian, yuk!). I have been thinking or adding the glass front cabinets and definitely will be popping off those old counter-tops. It is so nice to see a finished product so similar to what I want...thanks for sharing your photos. Once we move I'll be adding before and afters to my Come on over and check it out! I am your 4th follower, gotta keep up with that kitchen!! Happy, happy Easter to you and your family.:)

  3. Your kitchen looks great! We live in a 48 year old house that desperately needs some kitchen remodel (but I have to get rid of the 60's bathrooms first!), so your "before" kitchen looks pretty good to me! :D

  4. looks Great!! Its very similar to what I am intending on doing to the "new to me " house that we are moving into this month.
    What color are your walls painted?

  5. The wall paint is Sherwin Williams Window Pane.

  6. Your kitchen turned out fantastic!!! Love it all! :)

  7. Wow...what a wonderful transformation! I love the overall picture and the little details! The color is beautiful and your barstools are perfect!

    This is my first visit to your blog and I love it! I look forward to many more visits!


  8. Your kitchen is amazing. I"m planning on painting mine this summer. Your kitchen is real inspiration for me.

  9. Nice project. I would love it if you would link this up in Modern Craftswoman Monday. Very well done. Rory

  10. Thanks for linking and making this the most successful Modern Craftswoman Monday so far! Rory

  11. Nice job! I can tell you out a lot of hard work into it!!!!

  12. Great job! It is serene and inviting!

  13. Wonderful job. It's beautiful and like others, I will use your pictures as an inspiration. I'm going to follow you and I invite you to visit my blog and do the same!

  14. So beautiful! I found you through BeforeAfter. I'm asking everyone who has painted their cabinets white what color and type of paint they are using, and also what primer if you don't mind sharing. I research about the same amount that you do, but I'm too scared to go for the painting that I just keep drooling over others! Please share if you will. Thanks!

  15. I used Sherwin Williams Creamy White on the cabinets. I had seen some other kitchens that had similar countertops that used the same color, so I decided to try it out.

    It was frighteninly yellow on the sample, but I had seen pictures of it, so I knew it would look good and just went with it. Turned out well!

  16. Hi, Diane -- just discovered your kitchen redo via BetterAfter. We're purchasing a 70's fab home next month that still has the original countertops... complete with built-in cutting board and blender receptacle! Needless to say, those babies are getting replaced PRONTO! What I'm wondering is how you feel, months later, about your choice to do away with the breakfast bar. Our new kitchen has a similar arrangement, with the sink backing up to the bar, and I want the bar GONE. We'd never use it, and it would open up the space. The contractor disagrees because he thinks the sink "has to have a backsplash". What say you???

  17. Forgot to say -- it is GORGEOUS! Love how it turned out! :)

  18. Kelley,
    Tear that thing out! I have not had one seconds regret that we no longer have the high bar. That thing was basically useless. Now my kids sit there every day to eat their breakfast and do their homework. Some water does splash out when I do dishes, but it’s so easy to clean up and you don’t have to worry about cleaning those crevices between the sink and the bar wall.

    Even a year later, I still walk into the room and smile at the wide expanse of countertop and pat myself on the back for the decision to remove the bar.

    Don’t listen to your contractor. 

    Good luck!

  19. Thanks so much for the encouragement! I told my husband that the raised bar is toast. He did not argue after I relayed your experiences. ;)


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